EcoFuture Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Corporate Concept

CDSP is a omitted-word from Color Design Solar Panel. Retaining photovoltaic function, We could make a original color design within the solar panel.


he solar panel is not only for electrical power generation,but also become a kind of fashionable and familiar commodity in our life, the possibility of solar panel could be extended to infinity.If our CDSP products could be used by more and more people, as a result, the carbon dioxide could be reduced fastly and environment could be more clean.Our company’s slogan is “Design Life With Solar Energy”. To realize the eco society in future by nature energy especial by solar energy, We will try our best to make a contribution to environment and society.



Company Name EcoFuture Co.,Ltd
Office   Oriental Shin-Osaka Bldg., 7-1-26 Nishi-Nakajima Yodogawa-ku,
Osaka-shi, Osaka Japan 532-0011
TEL : 06-6304-8077 FAX : 050-3737-4651
Established Date   May, 2010
Capitalzation   8,000,000yen
Representative   President-Director Seiji Isshiki
Business Field   Color Design Solar Panels Products
Clean Energy Equipment Products
Environmental Sanitation Equipment Products


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